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Bicycle Concierge

The Bikery Concierge Service

People like to shop online.  It is a great place to learn about products and search for the current prices.  Buying a bicycle on-line is becoming more popular and many customers just don’t want to spend a lot of time searching  local bike shops for the perfect ride.

Depending on your level of experience as a cyclist there are some real challenges in buying a bicycle on-line.

You should ask the following questions before clicking the Buy-Now Button: 

What size bike frame is right for me?  Will I need to order accessories & will they fit?  Assembly is required. . . do I need special tools or special skills to get my new bike put together?  What happens if something is broken or defective?  Will my local bike shop want to help me if there is a problem? Who will be home to sign for my bike delivery?

At The Bikery we are happy to help you make your on-line bicycle purchase a great experience.  Come on in and for $50 we’ll do a personal bicycle fitting to make sure you order the right size bike.  If you want help picking accessories or options for your new bike we’ll be happy to offer advice based on years of experience with many brands and types of bicycles.  You can have your new bike shipped right to The Bikery where we’ll receive your bike, inspect for damage and give you a call to let you know your bike has arrived.

For a modest fee (based on type of bike) we will assemble your bicycle and make sure it is working the way it was designed and then let you know it is ready to ride.

After you leave with your new bicycle you will know we’ll be there for you when you need us.

So let us help you take the worry out of your on-line bicycle purchase.

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