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The Coffee Bar at The Bikery

Exceptional gourmet coffee and tea paired with creative pastry

Coffee Adventure

Every great cup of coffee is a little miracle.  Coffee is grown in many of the most remote and rugged places on earth and great care must be taken from planting the seedling to picking the ripe coffee cherry. So much can go wrong - from insect damage to drought and coffee diseases to picking green fruit or bad weather delaying the drying process.  After a long journey the green coffee beans must be stored well and then roasted just before the coffee is to be brewed.  The coffee roaster uses great skill in bringing out everything that specific coffee has to offer.  Then after a period of "degassing" which allows the coffee to give up excess carbon dioxide, the coffee flavors can be extracted using filtered water at precisely the right temperature.  If the coffee is ground too fine it will be bitter and if ground too coarse it will be sour and if the grinder is of poor quality it could be both!  The coffee brewing equipment must be sparkling clean and the amount of time the coffee is in contact with the water is critical.  

If everything goes right the results can be truly amazing!

Commitment to Quality

At The Bikery we constantly look to buy from the most talented and obsessive coffee roasters we can find.  We then sample our coffee choices and only sell the best coffee from each roaster. We use the finest brewing equipment in the world and we keep it spotless.  Our water is filtered and tested and used at the right temperature.  We think you will taste the difference!


Double espresso with steamed milk and foam.  Classic, decadent and rich.  


Bigger than a Cappuccino with more steamed milk and much less foam. Same amount of espresso as a Cappuccino so milder flavor


Double shot of finely ground coffee extracted under pressure.  Highly concentrated coffee flavor.


A double shot of espresso with an ounce or so of steamed milk.  Strong and rich.


4 ounce drink with a double shot of espresso and steamed milk. Also called a Gibraltar in California.  More intense than a Cappuccino

Matcha Latte

A latte made with Matcha green tea replacing the espresso.  Fresh, grassy and rich.  Great with our house made cashew milk.

Nitro Coffee

Cold brewed coffee infused under high pressure with nitrogen gas.  Smooth mild flavor with a creamy texture.

Iced Tea

Freshly brewed gourmet tea quick chilled and served over ice for a refreshing thirst quencher.

Hot Tea

Freshly brewed tea from The Tea Source.  Black tea, green tea and herbal blends arre available.

Cold Brew

Coffee slowly infused with cold water for up to 24 hours.  Mild and sweet with a big caffeine punch.

Italian Soda

Made fresh from our own sparkling water and gourmet flavors.  

Honey Badger

Our own signature Latte with honey, vanilla and cinnamon. Emily, one of our original baristas made this her own.