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Bikery Bikery Goat Tee Shirt

Bikery Bikery Goat Tee Shirt
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The Legendary GOAT. Greatest of all Tee’s

Coffee + Bicycles + Legends + Tall Tales = The Bikery Goat Tee!

The coffee tree is indigenous to only one small African country: Ethiopia. So how did coffee become so popular around the world?

According to a popular legend, it all began with a young Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi. Many centuries ago, Kaldi found his goats bounding about the hillsides in a joyous frenzy. They were having a ball! Even the old and tired goats were prancing around and acting young again.They didn’t even sleep at night.

Kaldi felt confused. Tired and worn out from trying to manage the rambunctious goats, he watched them carefully to discover their secret. After finding them eating bright red fruit from a nearby tree, he tried some of the fruit himself. Suddenly, he felt invigorated.

Kaldi’s discovery might have remained his secret, but one day a monk from a nearby monastery came upon the herder and his goats and asked how they got all their energy. The monk ate from the plant and he, too, felt revitalized. He brought some coffee cherries back to the monastery to help the monks stay awake during long bike rides.

The rest is history.

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